* Specially developed for athletes, muscle injuries, and long-term bedridden patients. 專為運動員、肌肉受傷、長期臥床病患者而研發。

A soothing, cooling and invigorating massage gel for sore muscles and joints, it can maintain good sliding massage effect during long-term massage, relieve tension, relieve pain, inflammation and skin irritation. Contains Eucalyptus Oil, which improves blood supply to the skin and promotes deep and restful sleep.  緩解肌肉和關節酸痛、清涼、提神的按摩啫喱。具冷卻、降溫功能,在按摩過程中能保持良好的滑動推拿效果、緩解緊張、緩解疼痛、炎症和皮膚刺激。含桉樹油,可改善皮膚的血液供應,促進深度和安寧的睡眠。