Chemi-Pharm AS develops, produces and sells allergen-free disinfection agents, cleansing and skincare products and detergents. Products are exported to more than 25 countries worldwide; the company’s main customers are in medical sector.
Chemi-Pharm product portfolio also includes skincare line D’DIFFERENCE and
health and pharmaceutical brand Medihex.

The company follows international quality standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and EN ISO 13485. Our product development and production aims for the highest standards – maximum safety for our skin and respiratory systems, user friendliness and environmental safety. We are also dedicated to developing infection control management system to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. “Hospital infections are the fourth biggest cause of death after malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS, killing approximately 7 million people a year. Strict rules have to be established to eliminate bacteria and microbes in health premises. With the help of these rules and an effective infection control system, we can and will save tens of thousands of lives each year”, says Ruth Oltjer, the founder of the company.


Chemi-Pharm was established in 1997 from a simple need to survive and stay healthy. The founder of the company, Ruth Oltjer, M.D., developed asthma when working at the hospital due to irritating ingredients in disinfectants. In order to address this problem, she founded a company, importing at first quality disinfectants from England. Good news travels fast, and the demand for allergen-free products skyrocketed. A team of professional biochemists, specialists and economists conducted a thorough market research and in 2000 a manufacturing plant was established in Tallinn. Volumes are increasing rapidly.
Our company’s main mission and biggest drive is to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and save lives – this is what we stand for!


D’DIFFERENCE is the science of skincare. Invented by an MD, developed by chemists in our own labs, and produced with cold-mixing technology, our active ingredients are 100-percent natural.
D’DIFFERENCE is a natural version of products originally created for use by physicians to solve acute clinical problems. True to our medical roots, D’DIFFERENCE products are formulated through evidence-based results from extensive testing, yet our Nordic heritage means we embrace the natural, living as part of nature, never separate.
In this age of eco, it seems everyone with a kitchen is creating skincare products. But we take pride in the fact that ours are backed by science, meet ISO 9001 production standards, and leave the skin healthy both inside and out.


Chemi-Pharm currently exports to 27 countries all over the world and export makes up more than 70% of the production. The fastest growing market is Poland, followed by Sweden, Finland and Latvia. We follow the examples of the Nordic countries, who have the best results in controlling hospital infections, and with this experience, we have set our goals to be present in ex-Soviet, Asian and African countries, where national infection control systems have not yet been fully provided by governments.

Baltic’s headquarters and warehouse are situated in Estonia, close to Tallinn (at Tänassilma Technological Village).


AS Chemi-Pharm has developed a special disinfection agents series for medical institutions. Main attention of this series was paid to health preservation and recovery of medical personnel and patients. Series includes hand disinfection, skin disinfection, skin care, disinfection and sterilization for instruments, and disinfection for surfaces. Chemi-Pharm has also developed a special hand cream series, avoiding skin damages and to preserve normal microflora of hands.

The result of our high standards and intense R&D is a product range that meets clients’ needs, has an excellent quality- price ratio and meets the high standards of the very demanding medical sector. The key factor is the constant decrease in the levels of allergen tolerance among the population throughout the world, which is related to preservatives used in foods and connected to tensides used in cleaning agents. Tensides used in our products have ~1,000 times lower allergenic levels than those of regular disinfection and cleaning agents.


AS Chemi-Pharm’s aim is to satisfy the needs of our customers, employees, owners, and to guarantee constant development of the company.

Our aim is achieved by:

  • offering products which are high quality and safe if used in accordance with safety regulations
  • flexible customer service
  • highly qualified employees
  • safe working conditions
  • avoiding environment pollution (particular attention on ground-water, soils and atmosphere)
  • acting in accordance with the valid legislative, regulative and other acknowledged requirements
  • constantly developing and profit making company
  • constant improvement of the management system

One of the AS Chemi-Pharm’s advantages in the competitive markets is having exceptionally environmentally safe and user-friendly products.
Quality systems are playing a very important role in the company policy, ensuring to our customers always high quality products, being safe to user, instruments and environment.

Our production is in compliance with ISO standards:
ISO 9001 for planning and production activities was established and certified in 2001;
ISO 14001 for environment management systems was established and certified in 2003;
ISO 13485 for quality management systems for medical equipment was established and certified in 2004;

At the present over 20 products have been registered as medical devices (have CE markings).