* An ideal solution as an alternative to liquid hand disinfectants. 是替代液體手部消毒劑的理想解決方案。
* User-friendly gel formulation is easier to use and compared to liquids is more suitable for non-drip application. 啫喱質感配方更易於使用,與液體相比更適合無滴落應用。
* It evaporates quickly and leaves hands feeling soft – not sticky. 快速揮發,讓雙手感覺柔軟而不黏膩。

• Dermatologically tested. 經過皮膚科測試。
• Colourants or fragrance free. 不含人工色素和香料。
• Developed for professional use. 為經常消毒雙手的醫護人員開發。
• Intended especially for frequent use. 特別適合頻繁使用。
• 60 seconds fully virucidal. 60秒完全殺滅病毒。
• Corona Virus proven efficacy. 對殺滅冠狀病毒有效。
• Contains naturally sourced moisturizing ingredients such as panthenol and betaine. 添加維生素B5和甜菜鹼等保濕成分。
• Has a broad spectrum of bactericidal (incl. MRSA, VRE), mycobactericidal (incl. Mycobacterium avium and Mycobacterium terrae), fully virucidal (incl. all enveloped viruses, Adeno, Noro, Rota and Polio) and fungicidal activity. 具有廣譜殺菌(包括MRSA、VRE)具有廣泛的殺真菌和殺菌作用,殺分枝桿菌(包括鳥分枝桿菌和土分枝桿菌)、完全殺病毒(包括所有包膜病毒、腺病毒、諾羅病毒、羅塔病毒和脊髓灰質炎病毒)和殺真菌活性。