BIO CARE 250ml


* It is specially developed for skin repair by medical personnel who regularly need to use protective gloves and wash hands.  專門為長時間需要使用防護手套、重複洗手的醫療人員修護皮膚而研發。

• For sensitive and dry skin. 適合敏感和乾性皮膚。
• A moisturizing and nourishing hand and skin cream with hyaluronic acid, natural vegetable oils & urea-based moisturizing agent, which provide long term moistening for dry hands and skin. As a result the skin feelis soft, smooth and silky. It was specifically developed for sensitive skin. 一款保濕滋養手部和皮膚霜,含有透明質酸、天然植物油和尿素保濕劑,為乾燥的手部和皮膚提供長期滋潤。 因此,肌膚感覺柔軟、光滑、絲滑。