* Concentrated cleaning and disinfectant - a new generation of safe product that removes odors and eliminates odors quickly.  濃縮清洗和消毒劑 - 速效去臭辟味、新一代潔廁殺菌的安全產品。

• A liquid concentrate for washing, disinfecting surfaces and removing the smell of urine. 一種濃縮液,用於清洗、消毒表面和去除尿味。
• Recommended dosage 1:99, depending on efficacy required.建議劑量:1:99,取決於所需功效。
• Has a bactericidal, virus-inactivating (including HBV and HIV) and fungicidal effect, the rooms are left with a fresh and pleasant mint smell. 具有殺菌、滅活病毒(包括HBV和HIV)和殺菌作用,使用後房間內瀰漫著清新宜人的薄荷味。