ECOSOFT 敏感肌潔膚乳


* Contains Allantoin and Betaine to sooth and moisturize the skin.
* 含有尿囊素和甜菜鹼,為抗敏、抗發炎、促進細胞修護成份,可保持皮膚的水分平衡和柔軟度,還可以增強皮膚屏障,防止刺激和發炎。

• Dermatologically tested. 經過皮膚科測試。
• EU Ecolabel registration. 歐盟生態標籤註冊。
• Odorless and colorless. 不含色素和肥皂配方。
• Mild and skin-friendly, for frequent washing of the hands, body and hair. 溫和親膚、適合經常清洗手、身體和頭髮。
• Removes dirt gently but efficiently. 能溫和而有效地去除污垢。
• Suitable for normal, dry and damaged skin. 適合正常、乾燥和受損的皮膚。