• It removes perspiration salts and unpleasant body odours effectively and leaves the skin fresh and moisturised. 它能有效去除汗鹽和難聞的體味,使肌膚清新滋潤。
• Help to reduce skin inflammation as it contains panthenol and sunflower seed oil. 含有維生素B5和葵花籽油,有助於減少皮膚炎症。
• Does not contain colorants or fragrance and is dermatologically tested. 不含色料或香料,並經過皮膚學測試。
• Perfect alternative in case of hypersensitivity to soaps. 對肥皂過敏者的完美清潔用品。


* Skin cleansing without soap and water, it's used for skin hygiene of incontinent patients who are bedridden and immobile.
* 無需沖洗,針對肥皂過敏者、長期臥床者的皮膚衛生清潔而研發。