* Ethanol based hand disinfection liquid for hygienical and surgical hand disinfection. 用於衛生和醫護人員手術前的手部消毒液。
* Ingredients: 85g ethanol. 成份:85g 乙醇。
* Can be declared as having virucidal properties according to EN 14476 in 30 seconds. 根據 EN14476 標準,30 秒內達到滅殺病毒功效。

• Dermatologically tested. Colourants or fragrance free. 經過皮膚科測試。不含人工色素和香料。
• Suitable for any situations with high hygiene. 適用於任何衛生要求較高的情況。
• Corona Virus proven efficacy. 對殺滅冠狀病毒有效。
• Contains naturally sourced moisturizing ingredients such as panthenol and betaine. 添加維生素B5和甜菜鹼等天然來源保濕成分。
• Has a broad fungicidal and bactericidal effect, being able to destroy Gram- and Gram+ bacteria (incl. Mycobacterium terrae) and fungi. Deactivates all enveloped viruses (incl. HIV, HBV, HCV) and non-enveloped viruses (incl. Polio, Adeno, Noro). 具有廣泛的殺真菌和殺菌作用,能夠消滅革蘭氏陰性和革蘭氏陽性細菌(包括土分枝桿菌)和真菌。 滅活所有包膜病毒(包括 HIV、HBV、HCV)和非包膜病毒(包括小兒麻痺、腺病毒、諾羅病毒)。