CP DES鹼性濃縮消毒清洗液


* Especially suitable for cleaning and disinfection of large areas. A safe and fast-acting alternative to bleach.    特別適用於大範圍的清潔與消毒,漂白水的安全速效替代品。

• Recommended dosage 1:99, depending on efficacy required.建議劑量:1:99,取決於所需功效。
• It has broad-spectrum bactericidal (including MRSA) and yeasticidal activity, can eliminate Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, and has good cleaning performance and good material compatibility. 具有廣譜殺菌(包括MRSA)和殺酵母活性,可消滅革蘭氏陽性和革蘭氏陰性細菌,並有良好的清潔性能和良好的材料相容性。